Various Disasters

Not that it was a disaster: this content was, formerly, the automated ‘first post’ created by the software. But my actual first post was about Bad Teeth, and although that was not a disaster, but more of a continuing story, it easily could have been a disaster more than once.

Failing to have a general theme, and thinking of several life experiences, gave me this inspiration for a general theme.

No doubt, some will accuse me of an Eeyore mentality or attitude. Which is OK since he was/is much wiser than many suppose, and puts us in good company with Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah. In fact, there are many contrarians whom I have appreciated and admired.

So here is a list of some general and various ‘diasters’ which I may choose to write about:

  • being part of several dying or deceased institutions
  • floods that came in 2006 and 2011
  • bad vehicle choices
  • other bad choices or situations

Its good to do this because it helps one reflect also on the results of these things – good things learned – character or skills built, ways to effectively sympathize or walk beside others – humility and gratitude and hope in the face of contrary facts, because we often miss the larger context or lack the ability to see clearly.

In the year 2020 this all seems particularly relevant.

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